Medicare For All


Join your fellow Louisvillians and Beechmont neighbors at the Iroquois Library on Saturday, September 25th at 2pm for a public forum on Medicare For All, hosted by DSA Louisville and Kentuckians For Single Payer Healthcare!
We are inviting everyone into the discussion on what to do about our broken healthcare system. Speakers will go over the Expanded and Improved Medicare For All program and strategies to win it. There will be open discussion and a question portion for friends and neighbors who want to learn more.

Invite your family and friends to come along, because history has proven: we can only get what we need when we organize together!

The Iroquois Library is located at 601 W Woodlawn, 40215.

Canvass To win Medicare for All

Join us in making the connections needed to organize our community behind Medicare for All on every first Sunday of the month at 2pm.

Sunday, October 3rd we will be meeting at Sunergos Coffee in the Beechmont neighborhood. This is a great opportunity for first time canvassers to learn the ropes, as we work in teams and training is a main component of the day. If translating the struggles of your fellow Louisvillians onto a path for working class power sounds like a good use of your time, bring your friends and let's hit the street together!

See location details and sign up to canvass by clicking here.

You can also share by using this link:

Tell your healthcare Story

Let us know about your experience with the healthcare system by completing the Healthcare Right Survey. This information will help us better understand the challenges Kentuckians face accessing healthcare and more effectively fight for M4A. You can complete the survey here..

Take the Medicare for All Voter Pledge

Help us stay in touch and show your support for M4A by completing the Medicare for All voter pledge. Kentuckians know our healthcare system is in crisis. The only viable solution is Medicare for All. Universal coverage for medical, vision, dental, mental, and reproductive healthcare that is free at the point of service is possible. Complete the pledge here to show your support.

John Yarmuth, prioritize Medicare for all

Priority one is to show John Yarmuth that his constituents want real Medicare for All and we will not settle for less. Yarmuth is a supporter of M4A and a member of the Medicare for All Caucus, but this was only won through organizing and pressure from groups like Louisville DSA. He has also signed on as a co-sponsor for H.R. 1976 the 2021 Medicare for All bill, which is really good news... but also, not enough.

If Yarmuth, as the Chair of the House Budget Committee prioritizes other healthcare reform, promotes watered down alternatives, or doesn’t use his position as chairman to champion Medicare for All, then he will be letting down his constituents and the country. The majority of Americans agree, we need Medicare for All, NOW! There is no doubt that we should reach out to thank our congressman for his support, but more importantly we should reach out for what the moment calls for, real action to forward the people's demands.

Let's make sure John Yarmuth will prioritize H.R. 1976, the Medicare for All bill.

John Yarmuth’s Contact Info

Downtown Office Phone: 502-582-5129

Dixie Hwy Office Phone: 502-933-5863

Washington Office Phone: 202-225-5401

Example Calling Script:

To help make things easier, here is a script for you to use either as a template or as inspiration!

Hello, My name is [name] & I live in [zip code]. You can reach me back at [leave your preferred contact info here]

I am a constituent, a [DSA Member, healthcare worker and/or union member here], and a supporter of Medicare for All.

I want to first thank Mr. Yarmuth for signing on to the Medicare for All Act, HR 1976. Secondly, I’d like to know if Mr. Yarmuth, the house budget chairman, and a member of the Medicare for All Caucus, will prioritize the passage of H.R. 1976 over any other major healthcare bills? The ACA is no good, the public option is more of the same and your voters know that nothing but Medicare for All will do! I look forward to hearing about Mr. Yarmuth’s move to mark-up this important legislation. Thank you.

For any questions about the Medicare for All campaign, reach out to