Medicare For All
Public Interest Forum

Are you working past retirement to provide healthcare for your family?
Avoiding a medical treatment or exam due to high costs?
Stressed to be aging out of your parents' medical insurance coverage?
Suffering under the weight of medical debt?
Fighting with your Health Insurer to cover what you need?
Afraid of losing affordable healthcare by increasing your income?
Tired of having your access to healthcare tied to a job that can go under or do you wrong at any moment?

We Deserve Better Healthcare. Let's learn how to make it a reality.

Join your neighbors on Sunday, April 25th at 6pm for a virtual public forum on Medicare For All hosted by DSA Louisville and Kentuckians For Single Payer Healthcare!

We will be discussing why need Expanded and Improved Medicare For All, laying out how we can win it, and answering any questions from friends and neighbors who want to learn more.

Click the link below and join us on April 25th and invite your family and friends to come along, because history has proven we can get what we need when we all work together!