Medicare For All Campaign

We are beginning the first step in our Medicare For All Campaign!

Priority one is to show Rep. John Yarmuth that his constituents want real Medicare for All and we will not settle for less.

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Rep. Yarmuth is a Medicare for All supporter and he is a member of the Medicare for All Caucus. This was won, in part, through organizing and pressure from groups like Louisville DSA. Rep. Yarmuth has signed on as a co-sponsor of the Medicare for All bill in 2021 which is great news, but not nearly enough to make M4A a reality. If Yarmuth, as the Chair of the House Budget Committee, prioritizes other healthcare reform, promotes watered down alternatives, or doesn’t use his position as chair to champion Medicare for All, then he will be letting down his constituents and the country. The majority of Americans agree: We need Medicare for All NOW!

There is no doubt that we should reach out to thank our congressman for his support, but more importantly we should reach out for what the moment calls for: real action to forward the people's demands.

See below for more details, including a sign up link, contact information, and a helpful call script.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at

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We are coordinating our efforts so that every 30 minutes during office hours, for two weeks straight, someone is reaching out to Yarmuth’s office about Medicare For All!

Sign up using this SignUp Genius link to choose a time that works best for you.

Signing up and calling at the time you chose is necessary because a highly disciplined and organized effort will have the most impact, showing a consistent presence urging our support of Medicare For All.

John Yarmuth’s Contact Info

Downtown Office Phone: 502-582-5129

Dixie Hwy Office Phone: 502-933-5863

Washington Office Phone: 202-225-5401

Calling Script:

To help make things easier, here is a script for you to use either as a template or as inspiration!

Hello, my name is __________ and you can reach me back at (leave your preferred contact info here)

I am a constituent and a (state if you are a healthcare worker or have expertise here).

First, I would like to thank Congressman Yarmuth for acknowledging the demand for Medicare for All held by 87% of Democrats and a majority of all voters by co-sponsoring H.R. 1976. I am excited that he is also a member of the Medicare for All Caucus! I am calling as part of the Louisville DSA for Medicare for All campaign, and our top priority is making sure Congressman Yarmuth follows through on his pledge to fight for single payer healthcare.

I am calling to ask:

What actions will Congressman Yarmuth be taking as the House Budget Chairman to Prioritize Representative Jayapal’s Medicare for All bill?

(Listen politely if a person is on the line. Tell the group about the response!)

Now that democrats wield some power again, we are looking for leaders that will confront the fact that the ACA isn’t working and that the public option will lead to more of the same focus on profiteering over that of people’s needs.

(Insert your personal story here)

From my experience under this system, if I or my family want to get decent, affordable healthcare, we had better lose our job to get Medicaid or win the lottery. The only other options are to go broke to get care or get sicker.

So I ask, will John Yarmuth see to it that H.R. 1976 be slated for Mark-Up before any other major healthcare proposals?

Thank you for your time and your work on this important issue.