How We Work

Louisville DSA is volunteer-run and member-funded. Our organization relies on the commitment and consistent work of our members. 

Leadership & STRUCTURE 

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee serves as Louisville DSA's highest elected body. Between general meetings, the committee implements the decisions of the general membership, coordinates between the various working committees, acts as a representative of the organization, coordinates work with coalition partners, facilitates strategic discussion in the local and decides on matters that require immediate action. The Steering Committee is elected every year at our Local Convention.

The current Steering Committee is made up of:

Priority Campaigns

Louisville DSA chooses priority campaigns each year at our Local Convention, and make adjustments to our priorities at our General Meetings throughout the year. These campaigns represent strategically chosen tasks that members feel are achievable and will most effectively build working class organizational power in Louisville at the present time.

Green New Deal at the Ballot Box

The chapter voted at our most recent convention to elevate electoral work to priority status. The Electoral Committee is organizing support for candidates endorsed by Louisville DSA, as a means to recruit new members to DSA, build our electoral infrastructure, and organize working people through mass campaign work. Contact: electoral@dsalouisville.org

Building a Militant Labor Movement

We also adopted as a priority a commitment to a rank-and-file union strategy to help unionized workers institute democratic practices within their unions and assist non-unionized workers organize their workplaces.  Contact: logistics@dsalouisville.org

Standing Committees

Louisville DSA has several standing committees that coordinate ongoing work. Standing committees assist priority campaigns in carrying out tasks and also conduct work that serves the chapter as a whole.

Communications (Allison L., chair)

The communications committee is tasked with managing the chapter website, social media, and internal and external communications. Members who are interested in creating graphic designs, working on digital communications, or helping write text for our priority campaigns should join the communications committee. Contact: comms@dsalouisville.org

Electoral (Austin C., chair)

The electoral committee is tasked with building the chapter's electoral infrastructure to serve as a socialist political vehicle for working class power. Members of the electoral committee consider endorsements and conduct field organizing, communications, labor outreach, and political education for endorsed socialist political candidates. Contact: electoral@dsalouisville.org

Labor (Gilman B., chair)

The labor committee works to build the labor movement in Louisville by providing support to existing unions, assisting workers in new organizing efforts, and developing a rank-and-file strategy to build democratic, militant unions from within. Members of the labor committee participate in strike solidarity actions and organize in their own workplaces and unions. Contact: labor@dsalouisville.org

Membership Engagement (J.P. Lyninger, chair)

The membership engagement committee is responsible for contacting new or inactive members and delivering information about the chapter, preparing informational literature for members, and mobilizing members for organizing activities. Members of the membership engagement committee keep in contact with members and organize social events for the chapter. Contact: contact@dsalouisville.org

Political Education (Jared C., chair)

The political education committee is responsible for conducting skills trainings and facilitating political education for members and the public. Members of the political education committee prepare educational resources for priority campaigns and organize a monthly public educational event called Socialist Night School in addition to other events. Contact: politicaleducation@dsalouisville.org

For more on our structure and organization we encourage all members to read and become familiar with our DSA Louisville Chapter Bylaws.

General Meetings

Louisville DSA holds General Meetings on a bi-monthly basis. 

At General Meetings, the Local assembles to hear reports from projects and committees, and to debate and vote on resolutions. General Meetings also feature updates on regional matters and announcements from regional organizations .

These meetings are the center for democratic deliberation and decisions. The assembled membership is the ultimate decision-making body of the Local, so participation of all members is crucial. General Meetings are open to all, but you must be a member in order to vote. You may join the Democratic Socialists of America by visiting the national website: www.dsausa.org