Who We Are

We fight for a society without class exploitation and oppression. Where decisions about what to produce, and how to produce and distribute it, are made democratically. We want to build a world where everyone has a right to food, healthcare, a good home, an enriching education, and a union job that pays well. We think this kind of world is necessary for people to live rich and creative lives — and to be truly free.

The world we live in violates any reasonable standard of justice and decency. A tiny number of rich and powerful families lives off of the profits they make from trashing the environment and underpaying, overworking, and cheating the vast majority of society — the working class. They get richer precisely because the rest of us get poorer.

For decades, we've been told what we can't have: A decent living, a home of your own, a comfy retirement -- in short, a meager share in our society's immense collective wealth. We believe it is time to take back up these promises.

But moral outrage is not enough to change the world. Democratic socialists also have a strategy to break the power of capitalists and the bosses who do their bidding: we see a united, militant working class as the leading force for radical social change.

How We Work

DSA Louisville is volunteer-run and member-funded. Our organization relies on the commitment and consistent work of our members.

Leadership & STRUCTURE

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee serves as DSA Louisville's highest elected body. Between local conventions, the committee implements the decisions of the general membership, coordinates between the various working committees, acts as a representative of the organization, coordinates work with coalition partners, facilitates strategic discussion in the local and decides on matters that require immediate action. The Steering Committee is elected every two years at our Local Convention.

The 2019 Steering Committee is made up of:

  • Jo S. (Co-chair)
  • Alec R. (Co-chair)
  • Tyler S. (Treasurer)
  • Nick C.
  • Mandy B.
  • Holly M.
  • James L.

Project & Task Committees

DSA Louisville also consists of several project based and task based committees and commissions that help with ongoing work. A committee is simply a body of members appointed or elected by our membership tasked with considering, investigating, or taking action on behalf of the membership. Some of our committees are tasked based and ad hoc, meaning they exist for a short period of time. Others are standing bodies that take up regular business. If you'd like to be put in touch with any of our committees or have any questions about how to get involved please send a message to dsalouisville@gmail.com.

For more on our structure and organization we encourage all members to read and become familiar with our DSA Louisville Chapter Bylaws.

General Meetings

DSA Louisville holds General Meetings on a monthly basis.

At General Meetings, the Local assembles to hear reports from projects and committees, and to debate and vote on resolutions. General Meetings also feature updates on regional matters and announcements from regional organizations .

These meetings are the center for democratic deliberation and decisions. The assembled membership is the ultimate decision-making body of the Local, so participation of all members is crucial. General Meetings are open to all, but you must be a member in good standing (have paid national dues) in order to vote.